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Awakening Voices - Jury Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Paris

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On October 12, 2022, from 6-9 p.m. Paris time, "Awakening Voices - Jury Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Paris" will be exhibited at Galerie Francis Barlier in the high gallery area of the Champs-Élysées in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The exhibition is co-curated and organized by the curatorial team of L’Association Sino-française d’Échange d’Art, New Art Trend and Galerie Francis Barlier. This exhibition is based on independent thinking from different angles in the background of various phenomena formed by complex factors in modern society. The works of 25 artists are selected from the works of more than 300 contemporary artists from all over the world submitted for the exhibition. Exhibited in Paris. Many of the works on display reflect the real problems of modern society, such as: environmental art protection, women's rights, the spirit of the ancient canal culture, opposition to spiritual oppression, the ravages of war, the trampling of democracy, the spread of material waste, the decline of morality, etc. These are all thorny practical problems that human beings are encountering now. Contemporary artists have independent thinking and social discrimination.

Artists, curators, and artist practitioners, international students, and corporate collectors from different countries and regions attended the opening reception of the exhibition at Galerie Francis Barlie in Paris to appreciate the exhibition. A total of 25 outstanding contemporary artists were selected and exhibited. There are more than 40 works in the gallery, with a total of 2 floors. The first floor showcases easel paintings, contemporary sculptures and installations; the other floor showcases contemporary photography and video art. In the art reception, all the participating guests discussed with each other the social, academic and practical significance of the works of art.

This exhibition is mainly based on the final selection of awards for genre works of art. Special thanks are given to the artists who submitted their works from all over the world. After two levels of selection, the first time was to select 25 outstanding ones from more than 300 contributors. Works by participating artists. The second time was to select the final award winner from among the 25 outstanding participating artists on display. Our jury for this exhibition is composed of: Dr. Patrick, director of the French Ministry of Education and chairman of the ASFEA Association; Bertrand, who was awarded the French Republic Literature and Art - Knight Medal by the French Ministry of Culture, the Higher Academy of Arts in the Calais-Haiy region in northern France Prof. GADENNE; Dr. André Fernandez, an independent curator in France; Dr. Zhenfei SUN, University of Buenos Aires; Mr. Niku Kashef, an independent curator, artist, and educator in Los Angeles, California, USA; From an academic point of view, various awards for the exhibition are selected.


List of award-winning artists in this exhibition

Best Creative Art Award: Susanne Junker

Best Painting Art Award:Agnès RANCIER PICARD / Junzhong ZHAO

Best Sculpture Installation Art Award:Mingyu LI /  Ying LIU

Best Video Art Award:Hanxuan JIANG

Best Photographic Art Award:Phoenix Leo  / Xingyuan ZHANG

Excellence Award: Nikodem Szpunar / Johana Kroft / Thai Mainhard /Qing LI / Yan LI /  Yanis Yi GAO / Tao LIU / Chenyu WANG /  Guyu ZHOU /  Qiming HE /  Hui ZHAO / Xi WANG /  Rongjia WEI / Kacey Ko 

This exhibition will be on display at Galerie Francis Barlie in the 8th arrondissement of Paris from October 11-18, 2022. You are welcome to visit the gallery. At the same time, congratulations to the award-winning artists in this exhibition, and I hope they will achieve more achievements in the future.

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